Educational Incursions

Aussie Wildlife Displays offer school incursions for classes of all ages, from early learning centres to secondary schools. If you are looking to introduce your students to some of Australia’s amazing native wildlife and allow them to understand the importance of conserving the natural environment, our demonstrations and incursions are the perfect way to start. We offer a range of wildlife to display at your school which is fun, interactive and educational. Shows for early learning centres and kindergartens are kept simple and are displayed in a way that young children can enjoy and will understand. Our demonstrations are a great introduction to native wildlife and are based around education and conservation but are also interactive and the children are given a chance to hold and interact with the animals. Aussie Wildlife Displays offers your students to get up close and learn about some of Australia’s exceptional wildlife such as some of our largest snakes, juvenile crocodiles, predatory birds and common wombat.
Demonstrations for primary and secondary schools are educational as well as interactive. We can bring a variety of wildlife to your school. For our educational incursions for kindergartens, early learning centres, and schools we offer a complete wildlife demonstration and a reptile only demonstration. These incursions include basic wildlife ecology and diets, as well as snake safety and awareness. Wildlife displays include a variety of reptiles, birds, mammals and invertebrates. Topics covered in these educational demonstrations are basic ecology, animal behaviours, adaptations, diets and predator-prey relationships. Our wildlife and reptile demonstrations are a great way to introduce students the theme of conservation by allowing students to get up close and personal with some native Australian wildlife. We also cover the direct impacts human actions have on our native wildlife and directly relate them to the animals being displayed. We can also provide fact sheets and teachers resources as a references for students and teachers after the demonstration. For pricing and any other enquiries you may have, please feel free to contact us.

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