A regular at our educational shows are our pygmy pythons. These guys are not only Australia’s, but the world’s smallest python species averaging around 60cm in total length. Native to central Western Australia they are also known as the anthill Python they are sometimes found around termite nest as they predate on the small geckos and skinks which feed on the invertebrates inside. Their species name anterasia perthensis is derived from Western Australia’s capital city Perth even though the pygmy python is not found in the city. This species is more commonly found inland in rocky areas, around termite hills and are also found along waterways. Pygmy pythons colouration and patterning can vary from various shades of brown to brick red. Certain species have faint patterning and resemble the children’s python while other specimens will have no pattern at all. This species generally has a calm nature and handle very well.

We have a few pygmy pythons here at Aussie Wildlife Displays and they are a regular at our educational demonstrations at schools, kindergartens, wildlife birthday parties and displays. To learn more about our services head over to our educational incursions page or our childrens birthday parties page.